Self Defense is everyone’s responsibility!!

Welcome to our site!  Hopefully, you gain some information while visiting!  A little about our classes and instructors:

Bruce Whitaker and myself had been contemplating offering Conceal and Carry courses for several years.  We’re finally up and going!! Our courses are set up for WI, MN and FL and are scheduling/holding spots now.

Our first class was held on November 5,2016 with our next date for July almost set.  We’ll update as soon as we solidify that date.   The cost of this 4 hour course is $99.00 per person, with the added value of tactical training included in your fee. This is not merely a “sit and memorize” course….you will be up and moving while learning to use your firearm safely.

Our philosophy is as far as course content is simple: its not enough to just teach you about handguns and handgun safety.  Anybody can do that. We feel a responsibility  in ensuring you can operate your firearm safely should the need arise. In addition, we will teach you hand to hand techniques for personal protection when a handgun is not a feasible option. Its not enough to hit paper….paper doesn’t hit back!

Believe it or not, there are times when we would not (for safety, legal reasons or logistics) utilize a firearm to defend ourselves……do you know when that is?  Do you know how to use your hands/arms/feet to defend yourself in those situations?  Can you move through your home with a firearm, while “clearing” a hallway or bedroom, protecting yourself or your loved ones?  Can you “Slice the pie” safely?

If the answer to any of these is “NO”, we’ve got the course for you!

Leave a message here on our contact page (or call our cell at 715-781-7081) and we will get back to you very soon!! We look forward to assisting with your personal protection needs.